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In vitro fertilization is an assisted reproductive technology whose positives weigh more than the negatives. The process allows couples who fail to conceive naturally. There can be various reasons that lead to this issue. At KJIVF, all the concerned issues are addressed and the problems are solved in the best possible manner. If you need a deeper insight on IVF efficiency, feel free to contact the Best IVF Centers in Delhi, KJIVF, as the Advantages of IVF Treatment is used at their best share.



Over the years, with the advancement in technology, the success rate of IVF has shot up incredibly. But one might wonder as to why opt for IVF Treatment when there are many other options available. Considering the fact that many medical reasons contribute to the fair share of not allowing to conceive, here’s a list of medical conditions that can lead to infertility.

  • Blocked tubes
  • Low sperm count
  • A low number of eggs
  • Low quality of eggs
  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS with an ovarian disorder
  • Unexplained infertility

All of the above-mentioned conditions are general reasons that lead to infertility. Some of them are reversible while some are irreversible. They cause a hindrance in fertilization. To ensure that even with such conditions (whilst being treated for it), the baby is being conceived, in-vitro fertilization is an ideal option.

KJIVF believes in maintaining maximum transparency with the patients. At KJIVF, all of the patient’s issues are taken into careful consideration. By following all the diagnostic steps correctly, the cause for the failure to conceive is diagnosed. Then, the couples are allowed to make choices which suit them the best. Doing this takes a huge load off of the couple or a person seeking treatment. This is one of the major benefits of IVF.


IVF is a procedure that is to be carried out with utmost care. From something as simple as syringes to something as complex as a micromanipulator, has to be high-end. This ensures the proper fusion of the egg and sperm and a safe embryo transfer. Fertility centers use the best equipment to make the procedure foolproof.

At KJIVF, high-end technologies are used for the entire IVF Treatment in Delhi. The best advantage of IVF at KJIVF is the use of high-quality media and the best hormone injections are used that ensure the safety of the patient and to reach the ultimate goal- fertilization. All the equipment is legally accredited from time to time.


People that come in for IVF Treatment usually get scared by the medications that are prescribed to the patients. The truth is, medications do not pose any risk to the patients if the history of the patient and their co-morbidities (if any) are already known. The medications do not pose any threat.

KJIVF has been showing incredible results for the past 28 years with precise and immaculate procedures under the guidance of IVF doctors. There has been no report of any problem faced by the patients’ post medication or the procedure.


KJIVF understands that health is not a commodity to be purchased. The goodwill of the mother and the fetus growing in the womb is of the highest priority. At KJIVF, the medical staff is a team of experienced individuals that not only work at the IVF Center but are also a teaching faculty. The doctors have their research papers published in many known research journals in the context of IVF itself.

It is a known fact that IVF procedures can be financially strenuous for couples. KJIVF helps people get loans and also guides them through the process that ensures maximum transparency. To get the couples through the emotional roller coaster of IVF, we also provide helpline numbers for non-medical issues.

They consult their patients truthfully. At KJIVF, they let patients know that not all treatments are expensive and not all patients require in-vitro fertilization. With such a great team by your side, the process can be completed with absolute ease. The lives developed over all these years are proof of KJIVF providing excellent services to all the people that come in for a consultation.