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Low Sperm Count is one of the most important factors that contribute to infertility and sometimes failure to cause pregnancy in women. Low Sperm Count affects not only individuals but also the couple as a whole. There have been questions about how to increase male fertility and how to increase sperm count by food. When looked into it, there are many FOODS THAT INCREASE YOUR SPERM COUNT effective solutions for it.

There are numerous ways to increase the sperm count to be able to conceive. Sperm production is a complex process and if the count is low, increasing through healthy solutions is one of the most feasible options.

A man’s reproductive system requires nutrition and vitamins to function properly and benefit from the diet. There are many types of foods that have a positive impact on sperm count and increase male fertility. But the question is, which food increases the sperm count?

Here’s a List of Helpful Food That Increases Sperm Count


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and has been shown to significantly improve sperm motility, count, and morphology. In one small study, researchers supplemented men with Vitamin C. Vitamin C caused the mean sperm motility for these men to increase all the way from 31.2% to 60.1%. Fruits that are a rich source of vitamin C are known to increase the sperm count as well. Guava, avocados, blueberries have a vitamin C overdrive. Due to the importance of these nutrients in sperm health avocado is one of if not the most well-rounded fruits that can help increase sperm motility fast.

Kiwis, Goji berries, and pomegranates are known for releasing anti-oxidants into the body that are necessary for the male reproductive system’s functioning. Pomegranates have been long linked to fertility and birth due to their many seeds. Although this is not the most scientific of reasons to eat pomegranates, there is evidence to support their ability to increase sperm count and motility due to their high levels of antioxidants.


Dark leafy green vegetables that are loaded with folic acid and along with other nutrients can boost sperm growth and also increase the motility of the sperm. Folic acid is integral for the healthy development of sperm. Higher levels of folic acid also reduce the number of abnormal sperms in the semen thereby increasing the chances of successful penetration of the sperm into the egg.


Eggs are a healthy option to increase sperm count as they are filled with protein. Eggs also protect the sperm from damaging free radicals and improve motility. The nutrients present in an egg, help in the production of stronger and healthier sperm and improve fertility.


Asparagus is a vegetable that is high in vitamin C and has a number of positive effects on sperm. It fights free radicals as well as protects the testicular cells, paving the way to better sperm counts, increased motility, and sperm quality.


Maca roots are one of the foods that increase sperm counts and fertility. Men who consume this herb as a supplement tend to have an increased volume of semen as well and also possess sperms of better motility.


Nuts are a good source of healthy fats and protein. Healthy fat is required for the production of the cell membrane for sperm cells. These omega-3 fatty acids also help boost the volume of sperm by promoting blood flow to the testicles. The arginine content in walnut contributes to the increase in sperm count. The antioxidants present in walnuts also help in removing toxins in the bloodstream.


Phytosterol, which is known to improve testosterone production in the body, is a component that is present in pumpkin seeds. This helps in the increase of sperm count and fertility. These seeds also contain omega-3 fatty acids that improve blood circulation and increase semen volume.


Zinc plays a huge role in the production of sperm cells. Foods such as barley, beans, and red meat are rich in zinc and should be included in your diet to have a higher sperm count. The deficiency of zinc can even lead to a decrease in sperm motility, reducing fertility.


Dark chocolate is loaded with an amino acid named L-Arginine HCl which is proven to contribute to higher sperm counts and volume. Consumption in limited quantities can improve sperm counts to an extent. It is one of the ideal and easiest foods for sperm count.

A lot of dietary changes can be made to an individual’s food that boost the sperm count. Avoiding packaged foods and trans-fat food can help a lot. Apart from that, simple lifestyle changes and little discipline can also bring major changes. Quitting smoking, avoiding drugs and alcohol consumption can help increase the motility of the sperm.


Normal sperm count is about 20-150 million sperm per milliliter of a semen sample, although there may be slight variations from lab to lab. Some men may not have any sperm in their semen sample—a condition called azoospermia. However, low sperm counts may reduce fertility. Besides sperm count, other factors that determine sperm health:

Motility or Movement: Sperm cells need to be mobile to swim through a woman’s reproductive tract, reach the egg (ovum), and fertilize it.

Morphology or Structure: The structure of the sperm needs to be normal, meaning that it should have an oval head and a long tail working together to propel it. For a semen sample to be healthy 60% of the sperm cells need to show good motility with normal morphology.

Different medical conditions can cause low sperm count. Infections and inflammations such as gonorrhea, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), orchitis, and epididymitis.

  • Varicocele (enlargement of the veins within the scrotum)
  • Retrograde ejaculation (a condition in which the semen enters the bladder during an orgasm instead of coming out of the tip of the penis)
  • Nerve diseases due to diabetes or spinal injuries
  • Injury or surgery in the pelvic area
  • Certain autoimmune diseases
  • Tumors
  • Radiation and chemotherapy
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Celiac disease

All of these medical issues can be treated with the help of a doctor. For pregnancy-related issues, especially if it is related to low sperm count, a perfectly structured IVF Treatment can be taken up by the couple or an individual.

At KJIVF, IVF Treatment in Delhi is done under the supervision of experienced IVF Doctors in Delhi. Hormonal treatment can be advised for men who have low sperm count. If a male patient has low levels of the pituitary hormones that stimulate sperm production, we may attempt hormonal treatment before considering more invasive options (such as IVF with ICSI).

Antibiotic treatment is also advised sometimes. Low Sperm Count is a transient condition that is the result of an infection. Some infections interfere with sperm production or sperm health which can cause scarring that blocks the passage of sperm. Physical damage can also be treated.

With the help of a careful diagnosis, Low Sperm Count in the men that acts as a hindrance in the way of a couple or an individual to get pregnant can be treated effectively. IVF Treatment in Delhi and the IVF Doctors at KJIVF are highly specialized for the same and offer the Best IVF Services in Delhi.