Counselling in IVF

Need for Counsellors for IVF Treatment

IVF Treatment is an assisted reproductive technique involving fertilizing the eggs and sperm outside the human body i.e. in vitro fertilization. This involves complex treatments involving stimulation of ovaries i.e., producing multiple eggs, which are fertilized outside the body, and the good embryos so obtained in the lab are transferred into the uterus for implantation. This is done in patients with infertility involving problems in key areas –eggs, sperm, implantation, and fertilization with an aim to overcome these causes. So this results in a limited success rate and it is this fact –limitation of success and huge expenses are involved, unpredictable, and the stigma of infertility which are the main causes of stress. Counselling for stress management in IVF is a core but neglected area.

What is the Role of Counsellors?

Our team of experts highlights the core role of counsellors in IVF – to fight stress during treatment.

Stress is inevitable during treatment so there is a need to review – where does the support of the patients come from?

The first people who lend support TO THE PATIENT DURING TREATMENT are the immediate contacts –parents, relatives, and friends. But are they sufficient? In some cases, this SUPPORT is not only not there because of current lifestyle, social, ethnic, and religious reasons but it is the very reason to cause stress. Even if it is available it is inadequate as the professional background is lacking. In fact, these supporters themselves have concerns.

Added to this is that the need for counselling does not feel like the importance of mental health always takes a back step.

professional help from counselling helps the patient to understand the need for counselling support to help them understand the treatment, options of treatment, and success rate and it helps them to accommodate/give vent to their feelings.

Causes of Stress During IVF Treatment

Pregnancy is the natural right of any person and the inability to conceive is a cause of stress, dejection, anxiety and stigma not only for the couple but for the entire family. For the childless couple, the feeling of despair is compounded by interacting/living with people surrounding them who have kids. Socially the pressure is borne by females and ironically even in those with male factors, infertility brunt is borne by the female. The results of stress are despair, anxiety, low self-esteem self-blame depression, fights between couples and sometimes divorce. Stress is related to prognosis –less egg, sperms and their poor quality, suboptimal endometrium, fibroids, endometriosis, and previous failure. COST is one major concern. Religious and social taboos and the uncertain result are other aspects.

Who All Needs Counselling?

All patients need counselling as it is not a disease, it is a condition associated with failure of the desire to have a baby. The emotional aspect is always affected. So taking care of their inner conflict helps them to build confidence.

What are The Types of Counselling at KJIVF?

  • General counselling as part of routine treatment
  • Financial counselling for all
  • Special/repeat counselling to those who need it –who are very anxious, scared of treatment, when marriage/sexual life is being affected, failed previous cycles, abortions, previous cancelled cycles, donor or surrogate cycles, genetic counselling.
  • Psychosexual counselling – failure to consummate marriage, vaginismus, premature/failed ejaculation,

Is it like Going To a Psychiatrist?

Not at all

Counselling is part of IVF Treatment in Delhi. A good IVF consultant always looks at two aspects –the reason for infertility and second how it is affecting the emotional and sexual life. Emotional aspects will be affected the level will vary from person to person. And this aspect is one which can be decreased with counselling and help improve the result to some extent.

Should I say that I am undergoing IVF?

IVF is not taboo. It is a personal decision. But you need not feel ashamed or have low esteem. It is a failure of nature and we explain to you how and why nature needs a helping hand. What we do in the lab only assists with the natural process. However, we maintain all the required confidentiality.

WHY KJIVF IVF Treatment?

Role of KJIVF in undermining stress

  • KJIVF offers the best IVF Treatment in Delhi because of the Best IVF Results in Delhi with the best counselling.
  • Our counselling system is a three-tier system. Our team comprises IVF consultants, IVF nurses, and counsellors –financial and IVF counselling.
  • 24x 7 counselling —We offer 24 hr counselling and connectivity before recruiting for IVF during and after the treatment cycle.

Key Aspects of Our Counselling

  • Explain treatment options –available and the best treatment option, probability of success and discuss the same with their parents/elders if they wish
  • Facilitate decision making by the couple-decision is taken by the couple
  • Give them time to make a decision

Our USP –AVOID THIRD-PARTY REPRODUCTION if possible. Donors and surrogate cycles cause major stress and patients with low eggs, sperm and bad endometrium are associated with higher failure rates. We offer the best, latest treatment and fertility-enhancing surgery if needed to improve the success of IVF in this set of patients with poor prognoses to give them a chance. But we tell them their chances against the normal so that they can make their decision. If donor/surrogate cycles are required, in-depth counselling is given for acceptance.

  • The legal, social and psychological implications of treatment are explained
  • We don’t force decisions; we offer solutions and help the couple decide
  • Help them overcome anger, frustration inferiority complex and rejection associated with failure /low success rate
  • Provide confidentiality and an ambient atmosphere while explaining the procedure
  • We provide all help to couples to make their journey towards parenthood secure
  • Help fight feelings of depression, frustration, and anger associated with failure
  • We also explain the probability of failure and miscarriage also so that they do not have false expectations

Special counselling is available for psychosexual disorders like vaginismus, failure to ejaculate, and premature ejaculation/failure to consummate the marriage. Our experts are highly trained to handle these, delicate and sensitive yet distressing issues.

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