Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction refers to a problem that occurs during any phase of the sexual response cycle that inhibits the couple or individual from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual intercourse.

Research suggests that sexual dysfunction is common (43 % women and 31% men report some degree of difficulty in sexual activity). It is a topic that many people are hesitant to talk about. Sexual dysfunction is a common problem amongst infertile couples also.

Because treatment options are available, it is important to share your concerns with fertility expert.

Causes of Sexual Dysfunction in Male Partner

  • Delayed or absent ejaculation despite adequate sexual stimulation (retarded ejaculation)
  • Inability to achieve and / or maintain an erection suitable for intercourse (erectile dysfunction)
  • Inability to control the timing of the ejaculation ( premature ejaculation)

Causes of Sexual Dysfunction in Female Partner

  • Inadequate vaginal lubrication before and during the intercourse
  • Inability to achieve orgasm
  • Inability to relax the vaginal muscles enough to allow sexual intercourse, also called as Vaginismus.
  • Vaginismus is a painful and distressing condition in which muscles of vagina contract during penetrative sexual activity.
  • It is a reactionary condition associated with fear of penetration and pain.
  • This fear of unknown pain triggers the fight or the flight response of the central nervous system.
  • As a result the vaginal muscles contract leading to reactionary contraction of pelvic floor muscles.
  • Because of this reactionary contraction of the pelvic floor and vaginal wall, normal sex is difficult as it involves hitting against a wall.

What Causes Sexual Dysfunction

Physical Causes– Many physical conditions and/or medical conditions can cause problems with normal sexual activity. These conditions include heart and vascular diseases, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders, chronic diseases such as kidney or liver failure, and alcoholism and substance abuse. In addition, the side effects of some drugs, including some antidepressant drugs can affectnormal sexual function.

Psychological Causes– These include concern about sexual performance, marital or relationship problems, work-related stress and anxiety, depression, feelings of guilt, concerns about body image, and the effects of a past sexual trauma.

How to Diagnose and Evaluate Sexual Dysfunction

In most cases, the individual with sexual dysfunction recognizes that there is a problem interfering with his or her enjoyment (or the partner’s enjoyment) of a sexual intercourse. The physician likely will begin with a detailed history of symptoms and a physical examination. Your physician may order diagnostic investigations to rule out any medical problems that may be contributing to the dysfunction, if needed. Typically, lab testing plays a very limited role in the diagnosis of the sexual dysfunction.

A detailed evaluation of the per, relationship concernsson’s attitudes about sex, as well as other possible contributing factors (fear, anxiety, past sexual trauma/abuse, medications, alcohol or drug abuse, etc.) will help the physician understand the underlying causeof the problem, and will help him or her make recommendations for appropriate course of treatment.

How is Sexual Dysfunction Treated

Most types of sexual dysfunction can be corrected by treating the underlying psychological or physical problems. Other treatment strategies include:

Medications– When a drug is the cause of the dysfunction, a change in the drug may help. Men and women with hormonal imbalance may benefit from hormone injections, pills, or creams. For men, drugs, including sildenafil may help improve sexual function by increasing blood flow to the penis.

Mechanical aids– Mechanical aids such as vacuum devices and penile implants may help men with erectile dysfunction (the inability to achieve and /or maintain an erection). Dilators can help women who experience narrowing of the vagina.

Sex Therapy– Sex therapists can be very helpful to couples experiencing a sexual problem that cannot be managed by their primary physician. Therapists are often good marital counsellors also. For the couple who wants to enjoy their sexual relationship, it is well worth the time and effort to work with a trained therapist.

Behavioural Treatments– These involve various techniques, including techniques such as self-stimulation for treatment of problems with arousal and/or orgasm and insights into harmful behaviour in the relationship.

Psychotherapy– Psychotherapy with a trained psychological counsellor can help a person address sexual trauma from the past, feelings of anxiety, fear, or guilt, and poor body image, all of which may have an impact on current sexual health.

Communication and Education– Education about sex and sexual behaviour and responses may help an individual overcome his or her anxieties about sexual performance. Open dialogue with your partner about your concerns and needs also helps to overcome many barriers to a healthy sexual life.

A Special Note on Vaginismus

It causes sexual dysfunction in females. Vaginismus is a Painful and Distressing Condition in which muscles of vagina contract during penetrative sexual intercourse. It is a reactionary condition associated with the fear of pain and penetration. This phobia of unknown pain triggers the fight of the flight response of the central nervous system. In this the vaginal Muscles Contract leading to reactionary contraction of pelvic floor muscles. Because of this contraction of the vaginal wall and pelvic floor, penetrative sex is difficult as it involves hitting against a wall. Veganism’s Treatment is the best solution for you.

Is there a problem with my Vagina?

  • It is a psychosomatic problem.
  • No, there is no physical or the structural problem.
  • Instead of arousal, stress pathway is activated and Vaginal and the pelvic floor muscles contract and something which you cannot control.

Is there a Problem with Arousal?

No the Arousal response is normally present as in others. The problem is that in patients of vaginismus instead of arousal, stress path is activated. And since it is not possible to be aroused and the stressed at the same time, the normal arousal response is suppressed.

Is Vaginismus Treatment Possible?

Normal response during the sex is arousal which comes automatically like other body responses like breathing. It is important to understand that it is only a muscle spasm which gets the activated inappropriately. But this problem is distressing as it involves a sensitive issue as failure to copulate is associated with the demeaning one’s self esteem. Vaginismus Treatment is good option for you to treat your problem.


  • Associated with the low self esteem
  • The patient feels that they alone and those they may be only one with this condition.
  • Causes Infertility

Can it be cured?

Yes, beyond doubt

Can I have Natural Sex?

  • Yes
  • Take the first and the most difficult step which is asked for help from a professional.
  • Sex is an automatic act like breathing, which every women experiences and requires no effort
  • Patients need to understand the reason which is activation of the stress before arousal. Also the cause of stress is an inadvertent but inappropriate unknown fear of the penetrative sex
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  • Cure involves only a consultation with our experts.
  • It is a psychosomatic disease and not which involves any defect or deficiency
  • Our programme helps you to counter your issue and it has a very high rate of success

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