Vaginismus Treatment

Vaginismus Treatment

What is Vaginismus?

It is a Painful and Distressing Condition in which muscles of vagina contract during penetrative sex. It is a reactionary condition associated with fear of pain and penetration. This phobia of unknown pain triggers the fight of the flight response of the nervous system. In this the vaginal Muscles Contract leading to secondary contraction of pelvic floor muscles. Because of this contraction of the vaginal wall and pelvic floor, penetrative sex is difficult as it involves hitting a wall. Vaginismus Treatment is a good solution for you.

My husband is not able to penetrate/ enter my Vagina. Is there a problem with my Vagina?

  • No, there is no physical or structural problem.
  • Not able to penetrate is major complaint in patients suffering from vagina.
  • It is a psychosomatic problem.
  • Instead of arousal, stress pathway is activated and Vaginal and pelvic floor muscles contract and something which you cannot control.

Is there a Problem with Arousal?

No the Arousal response is present as in others. The problem is that in patients of vaginismus Instead of arousal, stress path is actuated. And since it is not possible to be aroused and stressed at the same time, the normal arousal response is suppressed.

What is the Vaginismus Symptoms?

Vaginismus Symptoms are Painful sex or Dyspareunia that often the first sign of the vaginismus. It generally goes away after withdrawal, but not always.

Is Vaginismus Treatment Possible?

Normal response during sex is arousal which comes automatically like other body responses like breathing. It is important to understand that it is only a muscle spasm which gets activated inappropriately. But this problem is distressing as it involves a sensitive issue as failure to copulate is associated with demeaning one’s self esteem. Vaginismus Treatment is good opton for you to treat your problem.


Associated with low self esteem

  • The patient feels that they alone and that they may be only one with this condition.
  • Causes Infertility
  • Lack courage to discuss their problems and seek help

Can it be cured?

Yes beyond doubt

Why you should visit KJIVF?

KJIVF is a dedicated team of infertility experts. We provide all help and have special expertise in dealing with sexual problems.

We have been dealing with all sexual problems, male or female since inception.

We not only treat the patients who come for psychosexual disorders but it our routine to treat others who come for treatment of infertility and not primarily with psychosexual disorders. We offer a holistic approach to restore normal sexual bond and help them in becoming parents.

These psychosexual disorders required elicate but detailed counseling but after understanding the couple’s problem by our highly trained professionals. KJIVF provides the best Vaginismus Treatment at our centre.

It may require few counseling sessions:

Treatment is Tailored/according to needs, problems of the patients and reinforcing the marital bond

  • We teach them how to manage their feelings of fear&anxiety associated with penetrative sex.
  • It involves refocusing and understanding and managing the negative concept of body image and penetrative sex
  • We teach the various Relaxation techniques and exercises to retraining the muscles which are held in spasm.
  • Counseling requires to build the confidence in patients that they are the not the only ones with this problem.
  • We approach this sensitive issue with perceptiveness and reinforce their marital bond.

Can I have Natural Sex?

  • Yes
  • Take the first and the most difficult step which is asked for help from a professional.
  • Sex is an automatic act like breathing, which every women experiences and require no effort
  • Patients need to understand the reason which is activation of stress before arousal. Also the cause of stress is an inadvertent but inappropriate unknown fear of penetrative sex
  • Visit us at KJIVF
  • Cure involves only a consultation with our experts.
  • It is a psychosomatic disease and not which involves any defect or deficiency
  • Our programme helps you to counter your problems and it has a very high rate of success.

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