Psycho Sexual Counselling

Psychosexual Counselling

Infertility: The Emotional Roller Coaster

Infertility is a social disease affecting the individual and his family and their social life. It alters nearly every aspect of a person’s life. In fact, it is one of the very few challenging situations in life.

It quashes person self-esteem, dreams for the future and relationship with others, sometimes with spouse also. Worldwide women experience more distress than men.

In our society female in addition face stigma, abuse and neglect. Ironically sometimes even in cases of male infertility females bear the brunt of load and trauma.

Infertility affects the psychological psychological aspects of infertility, so it is often are disregarded and untreated. Also, it is personal, private and touchy Issue, couples do not discuss their problems.

Also even after they are evaluated and counselled about the desirable treatment- they face distress as treatment is complex,  prolonged and success is not guaranteed even with Assisted reproductive techniques.


Couples will generally mirror the general relationship and as the couple counsellor, I would normally work on the premise that if you work on the general relationship, then you hope that the sexual side will start to reflect the positive changes into the general relationship. Sometimes working on the behavioural side brings up blocks that you can then work with the psycho-dynamically. The couple themselves might differ about which way to work, and the man might believe that all would be good enough if their work was better, whereas she’d be against having more sex till everything else is better.

There is an interesting dilemma there, and I think the gender issues come into it, because of I do tend to identify with the woman and think that if he did spend the less time at work and more time at home, relieving her of her traditional motherly chores, maybe she would feel more sexual. Again there are dissimilar ways of looking at it, the male and the female perspectives. Psycho Sexual Counselling will help to find the problem.

We at KJIVF Understand Their Distress – Offer Them Patient-Centred Care and Psychological Counselling.

  •  Focus on reversing the state of childlessness along with strengthening the relationship of couples, their sex needs and improve their quality of life irrespective of the pregnancy outcome.
  • We offer in-depth counselling for patients with ejaculating disturbances, failure of ejaculation, impotence, vaginismus and decreased libido and sexual drive.
  •  Approach us to know the best options, what to expect with treatment, your emotional concerns, questions about your lifestyle/work nature during treatments.
  • We hope to help control your frustration and anger over treatments which do not guarantee a baby despite spending money.