What ICSI means?

ICSI or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a specialized infertility treatment which involves direct injection of a sperm into the  egg. Unlike IVF in which the egg is left with sperm to be fertilized on its own, this technology augments fertilization, by passing  Zona pellucida  regardless of the motility of the sperms.


Do All Patients Need ICSI ?

No ICSI is done in select cases only.

Who needs ICSI?

  • The first indication that a couple would require ICSI comes in the form of an abnormal semen analysis.
  • Oligospermia or an extremely low sperm count
  • Poor sperm movement
  • In cases of nil sperms on analysis, sperms retrieved from epidydmis and testes have restricted mobility and so have to be used only by ICSI
  • In cases of fertilization failure in process IVF or anticipated fertilization failure in endometriosis, IVF cycle / few eggs / and others.


  • Controlled stimulation of ovaries
  • Monitoring of follicles (eggs) and endometrial lining
  • Retrieval of eggs under anesthesia: only  needle prick, no cut is given
  • Review of eggs quality directly by visual assessment under microscope
  • Sperm enhancement
  • Injection of good quality sperm directly into an egg
  • Check fertilization, growth of embryo under microscope
  • Embryo transfer-transfer of good grade embryos

Success Rate

At KJIVF success is at par with the best in the world. The ability of ICSI  to achieve higher fertilization and pregnancy rate bypassing zona pellucida and oolemma. It  makes this micro manipulative procedure the apt procedure to treat those infertility  cases with male factor or less eggs.

Here we monitor the growth of embryos up to D3 or D5. However even with good quality embryos after ICSI, implantation of  these embryos is still up to nature.

Success rate varies from patient to patient depending on various factors. The best prognostic factor is age with better results in  younger patients. Cumulative success rate in 3 cycles is 60 to 70% at our centre. ICSI IVF Delhi success rate is good at KJIVF Centre.



  • Transparency of treatment: we cannot guarantee 100% success but we guarantee 100% transparency.
  • Offer counselling at each step, explain prognosis ad options in unfavorable situations.
  • No compromise in quality.
  • We try to use the patients eggs, sperms if available even if they are less in number after counselling the percentage of success.
  • Oldest centre of east Delhi.
  • Teaching ART center.
  • Founder Director is a dedicated ART consultant with tremendous teaching experience as Reader In UCMS, Prof in Muzaffarnagar Medical college.
  • Tremendous research work to his credit, Clinical papers in Infertility.
  • Key roles as an ART teaching Consultant – Conducting teaching programmed in various  scientific forums -Currently Scientific CHAIR International Federation of Fertility Society ISFFS, FOGSI, IFS, ISSAR, AOGD.

This Technique ICSI IVF Delhi provide the best result.

If you are searching ICSI Treatment in Delhi, India, you are on right place.

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