Anesthesia Department is an important part of any ART center. KJIVF is running both IVF ICSI and reproductive enhancing minimally invasive surgery units. Both provide world class state of art services. This can’t be possible without a good team of anesthesiologists.

  • KJIVF: Has an expert team of an anesthesiologist, all with tremendous experience (more than 25 years), all are our team since the inception of this centre.
  • Latest supportive equipment in safe anasthesia. It is used in IVF and ICSI Treatment in Delhi.

Requirement of Anesthesia as a Result Following Procedures:

  • In IVF/ICSI for OPU
  • In reproductive enhancing surgeries
  • Hysterectomy
  • Myomectomes
  • Treatment of prolapse
  • Caesareansection
  • Vaginal reconstructive surgeries
  • Surgical procedure: Cholecystectomy, Appendicectomy, Hernia repair

Role of Anesthesia:

Above all relief of pain and comfort during retrieval of eggs and also alleviate the fear and anxiety of patient who is already stressed

What is the Good Anasthesia in Egg Retrieval?

  • It should be safe and effective
  • Few side effects
  • Short recovery time
  • Nontoxic to eggs

Is OPU (Egg Retrieval) Painful?

Pain during OPU is because of:

  • Traction in vaginal wall/ovarian capsule and ligaments
  • Pull-on the vaginal wall/ovarian capsule by the aspiration needle

What Measure To be Take For Checklist of Tests Required?

We Should Rule out

  • Diabetes
  • Infection
  • Heart/Kidney/Lung problems
  • Rule out hypercoagulation state
  • Rule out thyroid disorders

Types of Anesthesia:

Conscious sedation: I this there is Drug-induced

Depression of Consciousness: Is like the patient is calm but responds to commands

  • IV intervention is requested for maintaining normal respiration or cardiac function
  • Induces good sedation/analgesia/relief of anxiety
  • Nil significant side effects
  • Well tolerated by patients

Monitoring Request:

Heart rate/respiratory rate, Blood pressure,

Pulse Oximeter- In oxygen saturation

Safety of Anesthesia Drugs:

  • The aim is the shortest exposure with minimal penetration into the follicular fluid.
  • Safe for gamete

Other Types of Anesthesia a Available at KJIVF:

Spinal Anesthesia:

  • Adv: Pt remains conscious after all it’s pain-free

General anesthesia

Epidural anesthesia

There are Two Core Aspects of Safe Anesthesia

One is the manpower and the other the machine. Accordingly state of art equipment s for safe anasthesia. However manpower team with us for the last 25 years. The team comprising of doctors sisters a Dot technician and auxiliary staff are involved with critical care for the same number of years. After all usp of our center is an aseptic environment with consistently testing sanitization and sterilization. We emphasized of nil post-operative whether our inception.