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What is The Difference Between IUI and IVF?

What is the difference between IUI and IVF Treatment As WHO defines it, infertility is a condition where a couple fails to achieve pregnancy even after 12 months or more of unprotected sexual intercourse. As it is very clear from the definition itself, the failure in conceiving could be a shortcoming from the end of either the male or the female or even both of them. The only way you can be sure about the causes of your infertility is by consulting a fertility specialist and getting yourself tested as per their recommendation.

What is the difference between IUI and IVF Treatment

There can be various reasons that can cause infertility.

What is difference Between IUI and IVF In females, they include issues like tubal disorders, uterine disorders, disorders with ovaries such as PCOD and PCOS, endometriosis, or disorders of the endocrine system which in turn can cause hormonal imbalances. For males, the reasons can include the blockage of the reproductive tract, hormonal abnormalities, testicular failure to produce sperm, or abnormal sperm function or quality.

What is the difference between IUI Treatment and IVF Treatment Although there is no way to absolutely eradicate infertility, there are ways to overcome it and conceive pregnancy using various infertility treatment methods. At KJIVF, doctors suggest all the patients facing infertility first get tested and then start the correct course of treatment. They discourage patients from self-induced treatments because there is no way to treat infertility but there are ways to conceive pregnancy despite infertility. Having a healthy pregnancy also depends upon the age factor. Many couples have lost their precious time following methods available on the internet. Delay in seeking treatment can compromise fertility treatment.

IUI and IVF are both infertility treatments. However, both these treatments are different. In this blog, we shall understand what IUI and IVF mean and how they are different. In the end, we have incorporated some advice from our doctors.

Difference Between IUI & IVF:

What is IUI

What is difference Between IUI and IVF: Intrauterine insemination is a fertility method. It is also known as artificial insemination. In the process of IUI, the sperms are processed in the lab and placed directly in the uterus for the fertilization to occur naturally. This process does not require any invasive procedure to be performed.

During the process, the sperms are first examined and the sluggish and non-moving sperms are first removed. The remaining are all healthy sperms. These healthy sperms are then used for insemination. The fertilization of the egg happens naturally in the fallopian tube.

At KJIVF we do perform natural cycle IUI but the stimulated cycle IUI with ovulation-inducing drugs proves to be more successful. Hence, fertility drugs are recommended during an IUI cycle as well.

When is IUI performed

What is difference Between IUI and IVF. IUI, which involves fertilization happening naturally in the fallopian tube, is administered as the first option in cases of mild male factor, sperm count is low but not too low.

What is IVF

IVF, also known as test tube babies, is a fertility treatment. During the process of IVF, an egg is removed from the ovaries and sperms are separated. The eggs are fertilized outside the body. After the fertilization happens, the embryo forms. The embryos are placed in the uterus of women and hence, pregnancy is conceived.

When is IVF performed

If a person is infertile due to conditions that make fertilization impossible, IVF can be used as a treatment. People suffering from tubal factor, endometriosis, and PCOD who have failed to conceive through IUI can also receive IVF. In cases of severe male factor also IVF is the suitable option.

Difference between IVF and IUI

What is the difference between IUI and IVF Treatment. IUI is a more effortless process since the sperms are washed and placed in the uterus using a tube or a catheter and the further process starts from the fertilization of eggs in the fallopian tube and the conception of pregnancy. The procedure of IVF on the other hand, involves the extraction of eggs, fertilization of Ovum, and the emergence of the embryo outside of the body under artificial conditions. The embryos are then planted inside the female’s womb and the conception of pregnancy happens.

As IUI is a non-invasive procedure, it is more cost-effective than IVF. However, the success rate of IUI is also lower than IVF.

If recognized with the situations of endometriosis, low sperm count number, severe negative scenario of girl infertility, bad egg excellent, or any extreme infertility hassle, the docs advise IVF.

Bottom Line

In terms of success rate, we observe that IUI has a success rate of 20 to 22% while IVF has a success rate of 40 to 45%

However, the bottom line is that at the core of every treatment is the proper care. For the right care, you can only count on experienced fertility doctors.