Factor Affecting Success of IUI

FACTORS  AFFECTING  SUCCESS  IN   IUI. Most couples seeking treatment for inferlitycorelate ART with IVF. However IUI is a technique which is simple, less invasive and cost effective. It is  effective in giving good pregnancy rates in carefully selected set of patients.

The IUI is good at KJIVF, thoroughly screen our patients before deciding a line of treatment (IUI  vs  IVF ). We keep in mind the following factors.

  1. Female Age – IUI has best outcome in couples with female age < 35 years.
  2. Duration of Infertility – Best pregnancy rates are achieved when duration of infertility is < 5 years.
  3. Type of Infertility – success rate of IUI is higher when there is disturbance in ovulation (an ovulatory) or unexplained infertility. Endometriosis and male factor infertility have lower success rates after IUI.
  1. Sperm Count in Inseminated Sample – A low success rate of IUI has been observed when the sperm count in the post wash sample used for insemination is <5million/ml.
  2. Ovarian Stimulation Protocol – There are various fertility drugs and stimulation protocols that are available for IUI. Better results are obtained with stimulation protocols using letrozole and HMG/FSH.
  3. IUI Timing – best results are achieved when IUI is performed as close to ovulation as possible. If ovulation doesn’t occur within 36 hours of a trigger, we perform a repeat IUI in the next 24 hours.

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