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Is It Possible To Have Normal Delivery in IVF?

The term IVF is usually regarded as an alienated concept that is far from being natural since the conception does not occur in the body. It is still considered taboo in many countries although acceptance has been growing slowly. A normal delivery with IVF is the biggest area of concern and curiosity amongst the individuals who go through the first cycle of IVF. Although the idea seems frightening, the delivery process of natural v/s IVF is quite similar.

Having the Best IVF Doctors in Faridabad and the Best IVF Treatment in Delhi is important for the treatment to be successful and have a successful delivery. Before understanding the nitty-gritty of the entire normal delivery with weather is it possible to have a normal delivery with IVF, it is important to understand the basic difference between the two.


In an IVF procedure, pregnancy is achieved with ovarian hyper-stimulation, natural IVF, final maturation induction, egg retrieval, sperm and egg preparation, co-incubation, embryo culture and selection, embryo transfer, and adjunctive medication. On the other hand, the method for a normal pregnancy is copulation. It is worthwhile to remember that the physiological processes involved in both normal pregnancy and IVF Pregnancy are the same.

The biggest difference between an IVF Pregnancy and Normal Pregnancy in the early weeks after embryo transfer is the level of awareness. While most women who become pregnant naturally are unaware of their pregnancy until a month or two into the pregnancy, IVF pregnant women are fully aware after the embryo is transferred.

In normal pregnancy, the sperm travels up the reproductive tract of the female and encounters the egg where it fuses to eventually form an embryo that would eventually get infused into the endometrial lining of the uterus and the baby develops thereafter.

In the IVF procedure, the egg and the sperm are taken out of the body, fused, and then released into the uterus again so that the implantation takes place successfully. The only difference between both the procedure is the implantation that occurs inside and outside the body. Women who achieve natural pregnancy start taking their multivitamin and folic acid supplements only after learning about their pregnancy. On the other hand, women undergoing IVF Treatment start taking HCG and progesterone injections even before pregnancy is confirmed.

It is important to achieve a healthy weight by eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, and following an active lifestyle.


IVF is an extremely safe procedure. Although an important part to consider in this claim is the current health state of the patient. Whether the patient is suffering from any co-morbidities or has any other birth-related complication that could hinder the process. In rare cases, IVF Pregnancy may result in side effects such as premature delivery, low birth weight, multiple births, and egg-retrieval procedure complications. These egg-retrieval complications in most of the cases are not complications per se but they do cause discomfort and pain sometimes in women. It is thus suggested by the doctors to rest for a convenient amount of time before going home and after going home.

However, you can prevent these side effects in the first place by selecting a qualified and experienced IVF Doctor. A doctor who’s well– versed in all kinds of situations will know how to understand any abrupt extremities.


The answer to the question of whether a normal delivery is possible with IVF is a big fat yes. Apart from keeping in mind some factors that would be necessary for the baby and the mother, all the other processes are completely similar. It is the same that happens through the natural birth tract of a woman.

There are a lot of women who experience complications sometimes which lead to opting for a C-SECTION. Complications like prolonged labor, fetal defects, birth defects repeat cesarean, etc.

While encountering similar complications extreme care should be taken that the mama and the baby aren’t harmed at all. Sometimes, chronic health conditions. Women who have chronic health conditions or those who are in high-risk pregnancies may be recommended to have a C-section. This includes pregnant women with high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, or heart complications.

C- sections are also recommended when the mother has genital herpes, HIV, or any other severe health complication that can impact the baby.

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