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Test Tube Baby Treatment: A Comprehensive Overview

Having a baby and embracing parenthood is indeed a blessing. However, not everyone is lucky. In some cases, conceiving becomes difficult due to several reasons. The good news is that medical science and technology have evolved a lot. Today, millions of people are able to have healthy babies through artificially assisted reproductive treatments. Do you have any complications in conceiving naturally? If yes, head to a Test Tube Baby Center in Delhi and consult the expert professionals.

Before you opt for the process, having a comprehensive idea is crucial. Read on to explore all the details!

What is a Test Tube Baby Treatment?

In this treatment, the fusion of sperm and eggs and the fertilization of an embryo takes place outside the body. The embryo is then transferred to the mother’s womb and the process continues like normal pregnancy.

When is Test Tube Baby Treatment Recommended?

When a couple fails to conceive naturally, the Test Tube Baby Treatment in Delhi is usually recommended. Some of the situations include:

  • Endometriosis: It refers to the overgrowth of tissue outside the uterus wall. It leads to a dysfunction in the working of the fallopian tube, uterus, and ovaries. As a result, it prevents a woman from becoming pregnant naturally.
  • Damaged Fallopian Tube: The embryo reaches the uterus through the fallopian tube. So, any scarring, damage, or blocking of the tube can affect successful fertilization.
  • Genetic Issues: Certain genetic problems can also hinder couples from becoming pregnant naturally.
  • PCOS: PCOS is becoming a common issue in which the ovary produces less number of eggs or the eggs produced are of low quality.
  • Low Sperm Count: Test Tube Baby Treatment is an ideal option when the count of healthy sperm is low.

Process of Test Tube Baby Treatment

Are you planning to visit a Test Tube Baby Treatment Center in Delhi? Before that, having clarity of the entire process can be helpful.


After proper check-ups, certain medications will be prescribed to the woman to stimulate her ovaries and ensure the production of more eggs. The core aim is to obtain multiple mature eggs for successful fertilization.

Egg Retrieval

Mature eggs are retrieved from the ovaries of the woman through suction. The eggs are kept in a petri dish for fertilization.

Sperm Collection

After egg retrieval, sperm is collected from the man.


The sperm and eggs are combined in a lab dish and allowed to fertilize. The experts constantly monitor the embryos to ensure normal growth.

Embryo Transfer

Once the embryos reach a specific development stage, they are transferred into the uterus of the woman. Further growth takes place in the same way as natural pregnancy.

Choosing the Right Test Tube Baby Centre

To ensure the best outcomes, selecting the right center matters a lot. KJIVF Test Tube Babies & Laparoscopy Center is the best Test Tube Baby Center in East Delhi. Our healthcare experts take time to evaluate each case meticulously, identify the exact problem, and offer tailored solutions. We take pride in having India’s leading experts in our team with rich years of experience in the field.

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