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IVF Treatment: Common FAQs Answered

Infertility is truly a challenging journey that countless couples have been going through in recent times. However, the emergence of a multitude of fertility treatments provides a pathway and hope to parenthood. IVF Treatment in India is a popular solution to infertility challenges. As you begin your journey towards fertility treatment, it is natural to have a lot of questions and concerns in mind. Having all the answers can offer you complete peace of mind and make you more confident about the transformative process.

In this blog, you will explore all the common FAQs about the IVF Treatment. Let’s dive in!

#1 What is the procedure of IVF?

In-vitro fertilization or IVF is a popular assisted reproduction technology that involves the retrieval of eggs, fertilization, and embryo transfer. The first step involves administering medicines for optimal growth of multiple eggs within the ovaries. Once the eggs reach maturity, they are retrieved through a minimally invasive procedure. Then the retrieved eggs are fertilized with the sperm in a controlled laboratory environment. Finally, the embryos are transferred into the uterus directly.

#2 How long does the IVF process take?

The IVF cycle takes nearly four to six weeks. However, the entire process can take up to 4 months, from the initial consultation phase to the time you become pregnant.

#3 Who are the ideal candidates for IVF treatment?

The IVF Specialists in India recommend the procedure to individuals and couples struggling with different infertility issues. The appropriate candidates may include couples experiencing the following conditions:

  • Ovulation disorders
  • Low sperm counts
  • Problems with fallopian tubes or uterus
  • Unexplained reproductive issues
  • The inability of the sperm to survive in or penetrate through the cervical mucus.

#4 Is the IVF Procedure Painful?

Most patients do not experience any pain or discomfort during the IVF process. However, some women may experience bloating during the ovarian stimulation phase. The reputed IVF clinics leverage modern technologies to deliver a comfortable experience to the patients and prioritize their overall well-being throughout the procedure.

#5 Is Time off from work necessary during the IVF procedure?

IVF is a minimally invasive treatment, performed on an outpatient basis. The IVF Specialists may recommend you to refrain from heavy lifting and excess pressure exertion. However, you can resume your work the next day after the egg retrieval. But following an embryo transfer, you will be recommended to take a few days of bed rest.

#6 How much does the IVF treatment cost?

IVF may be a little expensive. However, that doesn’t mean it is way beyond your reach. The IVF Cost in India will differ from patient to patient and depend on various factors. The common factors include the initial consultation and testing fees, medications, and the cost of different steps of the IVF process.


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