What is Sperm Banking?

Sperm Bank is used to store your sperm.

The process of freezing sperm and storing it for future use is called Sperm Banking. It is also called cryopreservation. Samples of semen are collected, properly labeled and a detailed analysis is done under the microscope in the laboratory. The sperm cells are stored frozen.

A sperm bank is sometimes referred to as a cryobank. Sperm Bank is a facility which is used to help store unused human semen from the sperm donors. This donated sperm would then be used by women who wish to achieve the pregnancy. Also used in men with cancer prior to treatment so that these preserved sperms can be used later for pregnancy.

With that in mind, then, it pays to invest some more time and effort into finding the best Sperm Bank that you can use:

Sperm Bank at KJIVF:

We at KJIVF ART Centre believe that all should enjoy the joy of parenthood:

  • We have been helping couples to achieve their dream of parenthood. For 30 years by providing donor sperms to the couple who needs it.

The donor sperm sample is from an anonymous donor as per ICMR guidelines. All samples provided by us will be from anonymous donors.

  • Our bank provides frozen, quarantined fully tested sperm samples to meet your requirements.

Sperm Bank:

Sperm samples provided by us are quarantined at least for a minimum of 6 months.

The samples are taken after testing. Some of the tests done are

  • Hemogram
  • Blood Sugar
  • Hbs Ag
  • Anti HIV
  • HIV Status
  • VDRL

Also, Donors whose semen all frozen are requested to report to art bank 6 months to recheck of sexually transmitted diseases. After that, only the samples are released.

The information provided with the samples for selecting at the user end are:

  • Donor ID
  • Age
  • Mutual Status
  • Education of Donor & Spouse
  • Occupation
  • Religion

Family History Medical history, family history of diseases

History of abnormalities in the biological child of the donor

Physical characteristics of the door

The ethnicity of the donor

Forms required to be filled for use of donor samples under ICMR guidelines

  • Form L: Consent form of a sperm donor
  • M: Information in semen donor

Need for Sperm Donors:

  • Severe oligoastheno sperm with financial restrictions
  • Non-obstructive azoospermia
  • Failure to retrieve sperm with surgical method
  • Hereditary defect in the male parent

Why KJIVF for Sperm Bank:

We have been doing sperm banking ethically and have been following ICMR guidelines.

  • Our samples are adequately tested and quarantined
  • Our bank meets legal requirements

Book an appointment for donor sperm/any query at +919650725386, +91 011 22503927.